Doula Support - A Companion During Birth


A doula is a non-medical childbirth assistant, who provides continuous physical, emotional, and informational support before, during, and after birth to a labouring woman and her partner. She is a birth companion, offering reassurance, comfort, and encouragement in labour. A doula will stay with the mother for the length of the birth, filling a very unique nurturing role and protecting the memory of the birth experience for the mother. A doula's goal is to provide a positive, satisfying, informed, and safe birth, for anything from an un-medicated birth to a caesarean birth and anything in between.

A doula also supports and guides the spouse and family of the labouring mother, encouraging them to participate in ways with which they are comfortable. A doula wants both the mother and her partner to feel safe and confident before, during, and after birth. This enhances the birthing experience for everyone.

Birth Doula Services - $1395 + GST

  • Free one-on-one consultation
  • 2 prenatal visits
  • Referral to a childbirth education class if needed
  • Unlimited phone and email support throughout your
    pregnancy and early postpartum
  • On call 24/7 from 37 weeks until the birth of your baby
  • Uninterrupted support during your birth
  • Availability of a qualified back-up doula with similar
    birth approach and philosophies
  • Access to our lending library
  • Use of TENS and other doula skills
  • Use of our water birth pool and supplies (if applicable)
  • 1 postpartum visit

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What is included?

Our doula packages include two prenatal visits to your home, the labour and delivery visit, and one/two post-partum visit(s) to your home. We also offer support in the form of phone, text, or email any time it is needed. We serve Vancouver and the surrounding areas. We also offer the use of our water birth pool to our clients free of charge, as well as some home birth supplies, in the standard and premium packages.

Prenatal Visits: Before birth, the doula will meet with you to learn more about your expectations for your birth as well as to develop a relationship. Through these meetings and other communications, the doula will create a birth plan with the mother and discover your fears, concerns, expectations and desires. You'll have every opportunity to ask any questions you have about labour.

Labour and Delivery Visit: When labour begins, please call your doula so she can start making preparations to be with you. Your doula will come as soon as you want her to come, from your very first contraction to a little further along in the process. This is for the mother to decide. When the doula arrives she will focus on the mother's emotional, physical, and informational needs. She is there to comfort and provide continuous support to the mother, as well as the other birth support people. After the birth of the baby she will allow for some bonding time between mom and dad and then will stay for 1-3 hours post-partum to assist with breastfeeding and baby and mother care. During this period your doula will also be cleaning up the birth pool and supplies and making sure everyone is settled, so you can focus on being with your new arrival.

Post-Partum Visit: A couple days post-partum your doula will return for a final visit. At this visit your doula will assess your breastfeeding progress, and help with any questions and difficulties you may be having. It's also a great time to discuss your birthing experience and share how you feel about what happened. She will also ensure that you are aware of the various resources available to you in your community as a new mother.

What are the benefits?


A doula provides support and comfort through numerous pain relief techniques, including breath awareness, relaxation, visualization, labouring positions, and massage. She performs many different tasks, ranging from getting the mother a glass of water, to encouraging her in a soothing tone, to helping her maintain a comfortable labour position.

A doula provides one-on-one advocacy for the birthing mother, and strives to fulfill the desires the mother might have for her birth. She will help you obtain the information and education to make informed decisions. A doula does not offer medical advice, but instead works to be an advocate for the mother, communicating the mother's beliefs and desires where appropriate. A doula will not make decisions or intervene in clinical care; instead, she is there to guide and provide continuous unconditional and non-judgmental support.

Numerous clinical studies have found that this level of continuous support improves maternal and fetal health tremendously. There are many benefits to doula care, including shorter delivery times, fewer complications, decreased caesarean rates, decreased need for pain relief medications (e.g. epidurals), lower risk of induction (Pitocin), decreased intervention rates, lower use of fetal extraction tools (forceps and vacuum), decreased post-partum depression rates, increased breastfeeding ability, increased self-confidence, positive psychological benefits for the mother, and increased satisfaction with the birthing experience.


Breastfeeding Doula Support - A Companion for Breastfeeding

Our breastfeeding doula package includes 5 hours of breastfeeding instruction and care. The breastfeeding doula will come to your home after the birth of your baby and be there to help you with any breastfeeding issues you may have and provide support in learning how to breastfeed successfully. The 5 hours can be used in one or two visits, depending on the level of help needed. The doula will sit with you and watch you breastfeed, giving tips and help where needed. She will be there to answer any questions you may have and find answers and methods that work for your unique situation and breastfeeding experience.
Cost: $175